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Seeing Ouselves, an art exhibition based on neuroimaging

I’m excited about the new show I’m in.  Please save the date and join me at the opening on Saturday evening, March 10th, at MuseCPMI in NYC – or come see the show between March 10 - April 14.



The work I’m showing is from a new series of drawings made from medical images: pursuing my fascination with the spine and skeleton, and newly inspired by the brain.  I've tried to evoke the shadowy and mysterious quality of an x-ray enhanced with three-dimensionality, the sense of many layers, and the relationship of inside to out. 

This new work flows directly from the access I’ve had as artist in residence at the NYU School of Medicine: drawing from anatomical and neuroanatomical specimens, and working in the 3D Imaging Lab with radiology images made for my artistic purposes.  These cutting-edge imaging technologies – 3D spiral CT scan for the body and 7-Tesla MRI for the brain – are tools developed for the world of medicine, but in the hands of an artist they can create a different vision of the inner body: anatomically accurate but also reflective of our personal experience of the bodies we inhabit. 

Click here for a preview of my new work

(By the way, my image above, that was chosen to announce the show, is one of very few that's not of myself!)